Top 10 Weber Grilling Accessories

Weber has been in business since 1983 and they provide grill lovers with thousands of products to keep improving their grilling game. Listed below are the top 10 most loved and best Weber grilling accessories. 

  1. Weber Griddle: This porcelain-enameled, cast-iron griddle provides fantastic heat retention and distribution ensuring evenly cooked food. It is perfect for making bacon, pancakes, hash browns and French toast. 
  2. Rapidfire Chimney Starter: Weber has perfected the chimney starter with this product. It allows for ease when lighting your charcoal and the two handle design makes it safe and simple. 
  3. Poultry Roaster: If you are a poultry fan this product is perfect for you. The design allows you to grill your bird and sides all at the same time so that your meal is perfectly timed. The smart design also has space for a beer can to make a fantastic beer can chicken. 
  4. Premium Tool Set: Weber’s Premium Tool Set includes tongs and a spatula. This set is a great addition to any grilling experience you may be looking for. The tongs have a hands-free lock and the spatula is angled for a perfect burger flip. 
  5. Char-Baskets: What makes the Char-Baskets so great is that they let any grill master safely organize their charcoal while it is lit. These baskets are ideal for grilling a whole chicken or ribs. It is as simple as pouring lit charcoal from your chimney-starter to the baskets. 
  6. Charcoal Rake: Another product that Weber has designed to make working with charcoal effortless is their charcoal rake. This stainless steel rake lets you easily and safely spread, separate, and arrange lit coal on your grill. 
  7. Cooking Grates: This hinged cooking grate can be used with ease for adding more charcoal or wood chips without having to remove the grate. The cooking grate is made from thick steel for extra durability and lifespan. 
  8. Deluxe Grilling Basket: The stainless steel Weber Deluxe Grilling Basket is remarkable for preparing sliced vegetables or small pieces of meat all in one place. The flavors created in this basket are incredible. 
  9. Burger Press: This product is designed to make a dimple in patties for flat, uniform burgers. With a press designed to make both ½ and ¼ pound patties as well as a removable handle for storage this burger press is super easy to use.
  10. Deluxe Grilling Pan: Last but not least the Deluxe Grilling Pan. This pan is ideal for fish fillets or other delicate items that could fall between the grates without it. Not only that but it allows for cooking your whole meal at once, you could have a steak cooking on one end and your vegetables on the other. 

Weber has created so many outstanding products and these are just a few. Check out the rest of our Weber products

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